The Global Prop Trading Program

Easy to Adopt. Simple to Use. Proven Every Day.

Our Prop Traders:

  • Earn an 80-95% Payout! (Top in the Industry)

  • Trade up to $3 Million in Company Funds

  • Trade Proven Trading Strategies

  • Trade in our online Live Trading Room

  • Trade alongside Professional Prop Traders

  • Enjoy Institutional Spreads in the Forex Market

  • Trade Risk-free (company absorbs all losses)

Can anyone join the Global Prop Trading Program?

No. This Proprietary Trading Program is ONLY suited for individuals who:
  1. Seek to attain or enhance a professional trading career
  2. Are disciplined to follow a highly structured trading plan
  3. Commit to completing the training
  4. Can spend at least 4-5 hours a week trading your account

How does the Prop Trading Program work?

  1. First, we provide you immediate access to our Live Trading Room and Proprietary Trading Systems
  2. Next, we educate and train you on our methodologies and risk management strategies
  3. When comfortable, you begin practice trading in a simulation account
  4. Begin trading live when ready to adhere to our specific Advancement Table Guidlines
  5. Attain the modest weekly thresholds and advance in both position size and tradable equity

Where can I learn more about the Global Prop Trading Program?

Complete and submit the request form to the right

You will then be granted immediate access to an Introductory Video explaining The Global Prop Trading Program in detail. I will also follow-up with a Free Pass to our Live Trading Room where you can experience the environment first-hand and interact with the other Prop Traders.

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